Cumi Bali, a little gem along Tanjong Pagar Road

16 Mar

Half an hour before lunch, my lunch kaki, Jan, told me she was having craving for Indonesian food. We decided to ask a few colleagues to join us so we could pig out!

Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant is located along Tanjong Pagar Road. According to my colleague, KL, the restaurant is opposite Sophia Bridal Shop. So you can use that as the landmark to locate the restaurant.

When we reached the restaurant, they were already  90% full.  We were lucky to get a table without any reservation.  So we ordered our food and proceed upstairs. I would definitely recommend that you sit upstairs as it is cooler and nicer. We ordered BBQ Squid, Satay Chicken, Brinjal, Wrapped fish, Begedil and Kang Kong. 6 dishes for 4 person, hum, did we over-ordered?  I think so because at the end of the meal, all of us felt so sleepy.

Sorry, the pictures are a bit dark as the restaurant was quite dim… but trust me, the food is great and good.

BBQ Squid, love the spicy and sweet sauce. Squid was chewy and soft and it had a tint of “char” taste.  Kang Kong, Begadil and Satay chicken were also served at the same time.  Satay chicken was tasty and well-seasoned.

10 minutes later, the brinjal and the wrapped fish came. Wrapped fish is one of their signature dishes. It’s fish wrapped with Otah. Something special, would recommend that you order this if you love fish and otah. However, you must be prepared to wait as the restaurant only start preparing the dish when you place an order. Now, the surprise was the brinjal dish. Initially, I thought the chilli topping of brinjal dish was just plain belacan chilli. BUT NO… it was belacan cai po!  Very special and nice! *Thumbs up*  I will definitely order this dish again and eat it with a different perspective!




















So the bill came to $93, which I think is quite decent. I would definitely come back again!


Cumi Bali Indonesia Restaurant

66 Tanjong Pagar Road

Tel : 6220-6619

Service : 3/5, Food : 4/5


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