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Home-Made Macarons and Mont Blanc

24 Jul

Mein and I went over to Wey’s place, one of the weekends, for a ‘macarons making’ party. Although I have been to macarons making class at Palate Sensations, I find Wey’s macarons much prettier than mine.  Her macarons shells are consistence whiles mine varies batch to batch. So I’ve decided to ask her for help. She showed us how to make the macarons shells using Italian Meringue method.  I was taught to use the French Meringue method. We really had a lot of fun that day!  Wey also gave me a mini surprise birthday celebration that day.  She bought me a lovely chocolate cake. A wonderful and sweet day!

I was so inspired and motivated after the “macarons making party”, I have decided to try making them by myself.  Gosh, I must say it was very tiring but I am encouraged by the final product!  These are Earl Grey, Raspberry and Salted Caramel butter cream macarons. The shells are much more prettier than my previous few attempts.

I also made some Mont Blanc a few weeks ago. Mont Blanc is a French dessert made of sweetened chestnut puree.  According to Wikipedia, the name Mont Blanc came from Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, Western Europe and the European Union, as the piped chestnut puree topped with powdered icing sugar resembles a snow-capped mountain.  As I did not have any powdered icing sugar, I could not ‘snow capped’ my Mont Blanc.

I did a lot of reading up in search of the perfect Mont Blanc recipe, in the end, I have to use recipes from various recipe book and piece it up like a jigsaw puzzle. I must say it tasted perfect.

The base is an Almond Tart and I piped pastry cream on top of the almond tart.Most of the bakeries use whipped cream but I prefer pastry cream as the cream gives a better overall taste. It is also important to make sure that the thickness of the tart shell is evenly spread. I actually weigh each shell dough before pressing them into the mould! But it think it is worth it because the tart turn out beautiful! Finally, I finish the dessert by piping the sweetened chestnut puree.  I sweetened the chestnut puree by mixing the chestnut puree with pastry cream.

A tray of nicely pressed in tart shells.

I brought them to office for my colleagues, glad that they all loved it!